Search Timeline

The search committee will be aided by Isaacson, Miller, a national executive search firm with extensive networks and experience in higher education leadership and a demonstrated commitment to — and record of success in — recruiting diverse pools of candidates. The firm will help to run a thorough and efficient process that includes the following key activities:

Phase 1: Understanding the Challenge (June 2020-July 2020)

The search committee will review the search process and timeline; talk about the challenges, opportunities, and objectives for the ideal candidate, and discuss the draft of the Presidential Position Profile with key stakeholders, while Isaacson, Miller receives recommendations for potential presidential candidates. The search committee will hold virtual town halls in mid-July to receive additional input.

Phase 2: Recruiting and Narrowing the Field (July 2020-August 2020)

Isaacson, Miller recruits and interviews candidates and presents the full candidate pool to the search committee, which selects candidates for further interviews.

Phase 3: Selecting Finalists (Late August 2020)

The search committee interviews candidates and selects finalists to present to the University System of Maryland (USM) chancellor and Board of Regents.

Phase 4: Final Selection Process (September 2020)

The final selection will be made in accordance with the USM Guidelines for the Selection of Presidents. The Board of Regents meets with the finalists and makes a selection. Next, the chancellor negotiates the employment contract within written parameters set by the Board of Regents. Isaacson, Miller assists, as appropriate, with the candidate’s transition to employee.