Input and Comments

The search committee welcomes active input from the UMB community and wants to hear your thoughts about current needs and the challenges and opportunities ahead for the University. The committee also seeks input on the qualifications and characteristics that you feel would position the next president of the University of Maryland, Baltimore to be successful. To help frame your thinking, the committee and search firm have drafted the following questions to which you may consider responding: 

  1. How will you know that the Board of Regents hired the right person — one year from now, three years from now, and five years from now? What objective measures for success do you have in mind? Are there important subjective or informal measures for determining success as well? 
  2. What are the challenges facing higher education? How do those challenges relate to UMB and how will they impact the next president and their agenda?   
  3. What experiences would lead you to believe someone has the skills and expertise to do this job well (e.g., experience in a major, research-intensive university, a demonstrated record of championing an inclusive climate, or demonstrated fundraising success)? What is needed at this particular point in the history of UMB? 
  4. Where do you expect us to find this person (e.g., a sitting college or university president, international universities, government, etc.)? 
  5. Why is the UMB presidency a special opportunity?  If people you know were interested in being president, what would you tell them about this position?  
  6. What do you think the community (faculty, students, staff, regents, etc.) need to do to ensure the success of the next president?

The search committee welcomes feedback from the UMB community throughout this important process.

Please submit any comments — anonymously or otherwise — to the search email box at

Please note that the search committee will review all comments and feedback that are submitted.