Protocol and special events provides management and protocol expertise for members of the University of Maryland, Baltimore community in support of high-level state, national, and international visitors and delegations to the UMB campus

The office also facilitates and manages diplomatic and event protocol arrangements, which include:
  • Planning and managing the dignitary’s public speaking logistics and related event arrangements on campus on behalf of the President’s Office or other designated UMB sponsors.
  • Working with the UMB sponsor or student group on the appropriate logistical approvals, invitations, and planning processes.
  • Providing guidance regarding general protocol questions such as flags, staging, order of precedence, seating, and gift arrangements.
  • Diplomatic protocol support and liaison arrangements for dignitary security with the Department of Public Safety.
  • Management of and liaison planning with:
    • Sponsoring schools or administrative units
    • Media and the UMB News Service
    • Parking and Transportation
    • Security