Letters to the UMB Community

UMB Employee Volunteer Initiative

Dear Colleagues:

As you know, service is integral to the mission of this University. Many of you have shared with me how important service is to you personally and how it shapes and improves the work you do. So I’m delighted to announce that UMB is offering all regular faculty and staff employees four hours of paid leave each calendar year to serve the people and communities of our state.

You may volunteer with any qualifying nonprofit in Maryland; see the UMB Volunteer Guidelines 2018 for participation. Should you want to find nearby volunteer opportunities affiliated with UMB’s community engagement enterprise, we’ve developed a website you can search for projects that meet your interest and availability. The website is brand-new, and we’re working to make it betterfaster, richer, more responsive, and more customized to employee needs. Some of this improvement depends on you; all faculty and staff may add service projects in which they’re involved, anywhere in the state, and invite colleagues to join in. By populating the site with projects, you’ll attract help to the causes you care about, while giving your co-workers more, and more varied, opportunities to serve. Click on “My Account” at the top of the website, and you can register as a volunteer, an event organizer, or both.

You’ll need to secure your supervisor’s approval before beginning your service hours. In addition, you’ll need to complete the UMB Participation Agreement 2018 (before you volunteer) and the UMB Verification of Volunteer Service 2018 (after you volunteer), and submit both forms to Human Resource Services to document your hours.

This Employee Volunteer Initiative starts immediately, meaning thatwith supervisor approvalyou may use your four paid service hours before the end of 2018. I do understand, however, that this may be difficult for departments to accommodate given that relatively little time remains in the calendar year. Beginning in January, all employees will receive another four hours of leave for service activities.

If you have any questions, please contact Brian Sturdivant, director of strategic initiatives and community partnerships, at 410-706-1678.

I’m grateful every day for the dedication with which you serve our city and state, both professionally and personally. I hope this small gesture reinforces just how valuable your service is, and how much it contributes to the strength and vitality of Maryland.


Jay A. Perman, MD

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