Letters to the UMB Community

Maryland Charity Campaign

Dear Colleagues:

Every year, UMB joins in the Maryland Charity Campaign (MCC), a workplace giving program that encourages state employees to make charitable donations in support of the causes they care about. And so, as we approach the season of giving, I once again ask you to consider contributing to your favorite nonprofits through MCC. The campaign closes on Tuesday, Dec. 18.

You can search the 2018 Giving Guide for the 800-plus charitable organizations taking part this year—organizations enriching people and communities across Maryland. To log onto the MCC site and make a pledge, you'll need your unique giving number, which is "U" + your employee ID number, so if your UMB ID is 001234, your giving number is U001234. If you encounter any difficulties logging in, please contact campaign chair Bill Crockett at 410-706-5743.

Should you want to advance the University's own vital work, you may give to the UMB Foundation using MCC Code/EIN 311678679.

Our goal this year is to raise $146,000 for the participating charities. These nonprofits are essential to seeding and sustaining positive change across the state—as are you. I thank you for the generous caring and compassion that drive your work, your service, and your philanthropy.


Jay A. Perman, MD

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