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Participate in Gov. Hogan's Day to Serve

Dear Colleagues:

UMB is once again joining Gov. Hogan's Day to Serve. While the governor's initiative lasts one month, UMB is participating in the campaign through the end of the calendar year—Friday, Dec. 30, 2016.

All regular state faculty and staff employees may use four hours of paid leave to volunteer at a registered nonprofit organization of their choice within the state of Maryland. Should you want suggestions for worthy service opportunities close to campus, UMB's Office of Community Engagement (OCE) has created a web page that lists volunteer programs undertaken with existing community partners. For each service opportunity, the page indicates the days and times that volunteers are asked to participate, the type of service provided, and the number of volunteers needed.
While faculty and staff are encouraged to volunteer individually, I also urge you to volunteer as a group or department. Such group participation can deepen your impact in the community and provide a memorable team-building experience. Of course, service activities or charitable giving could also be a meaningful part of your holiday celebrations.
In addition to volunteer opportunities, the OCE web page contains links to the Participation Agreement and Verification of Volunteer Service forms, both of which you'll need to submit to Human Resources to document your volunteer hours.
I thank everyone who's already dedicated their time and effort to this service initiative. If you have any questions, please email Brian Sturdivant, director of strategic initiatives and community partnerships, or call at 410-706-1678.


Jay A. Perman, MD

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