Letters to the UMB Community

Inaugural Issue of CATALYST Magazine

Dear Friends:

Every now and then, people will stop me on the street -- maybe they know me from a community event -- and they'll tell me how much of an impact UMB has had on them, how our work has changed their lives. In meetings, colleagues and partners will share with me how UMB's leadership has made their own work easier, how it's served their constituents in a way they can't, how it's endorsed their mission or advanced their goals.

It's a funny thing being the public face of a university. I'm very seldom responsible for the efforts that have earned people's gratitude. So I demur, place the praise where it's due, and admit how nice it is to hear their kind words.

But with the publication of UMB's CATALYST magazine, the modesty stops. It's time we really tell UMB's story: Who we are. What we stand for. Why we matter.

As a student or alum, I hope CATALYST shows you that you're part of something bigger than your school, that you're tethered to UMB by a common mission and by the extraordinary work we do -- across the state and around the world. If you're a friend of UMB, I hope CATALYST shows you what your friendship enables, what your support enlarges, what your generosity amplifies.

You are UMB. We are UMB. And together, we can do anything.

So enjoy this inaugural issue of CATALYST. You can access stories at CATALYST online or read the digital edition. Come find out how UMB is changing the future today. 


Jay A. Perman, MD

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