Letters to the UMB Community

2018 Clery Campus Security and Fire Report

To the UMB Community:

All U.S. colleges and universities receiving federal student financial aid are required by the Jeanne Clery Act to disclose data annually on various crimes occurring on and adjacent to campus. UMB's 2018 Clery Campus Security and Fire Report is now posted online, and a hard copy is available in the Pine Street Police Station at 214 N. Pine St.

The report offers statistics about certain crimes or incidents reported to UMB Police and/or campus security during the past three years. These incidents occurred on campus, in off-campus buildings, on property owned or controlled by the University, or on public property adjacent to campus. The report also contains safety tips and information on campus security, victim assistance programs, student discipline, community safety alerts, and access to campus facilities and properties. It shares how incident reports should be made and to whom. 

Just yesterday, UMB Police Chief Alice Cary, MS, sent a letter reminding all of us that we have a role to play in staying safe on and around campus. Please follow the tips she shared and help us protect you and the community in which we're privileged to work and learn.


Jay A. Perman, MD

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