Letters to the UMB Community

1807: The Inaugural Art and Literary Journal

To the UMB Community:

I often praise the enormous talent that resides in this community of ours -- talent that amplifies our impact in education, research, care, and service. Today, I'm writing to ask that you share with us a different kind of talent: the poems you write after a long day of work, the photos you take to relax and re-center, the pictures you paint, the jewelry you design.

This spring, we'll publish the inaugural edition of 1807: An Art and Literary Journal, put out by UMB's Council for the Arts & Culture. The journal will feature the work of UMB's students, faculty, and staff; our colleagues at the University of Maryland Medical Center; and our neighbors in Southwest Baltimore.

If you're interested in sharing what makes your life fuller, what kindles your creativity and feeds your passion, I ask you to submit your work for publication. The deadline is Feb. 15, and submission details are here.

I know we have a campus filled with artists, and I'm excited to see the beauty you create.


Jay A. Perman, MD

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