Individuals, units, or groups can be nominated for the Core Values Awards in any of the following Core Values:

Accountability    Civility    Collaboration    Diversity    Excellence    Knowledge    Leadership


Demonstrates skills that support the University as a leader and as a developer of leaders

In the professions represented by UMB — dentistry, law, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and social work — as well as within its administration, leadership is an essential component. UMB is committed to practice ethical and sound leadership through deliberate and systematic attention to the ethical principles that guide all leaders in a moral and just society. We endeavor to direct initiatives in a way that inspires respect.

UMB strives to help its faculty, staff, and students make the connection between what they learn and how they live — and how they guide and influence others for the greater good of humanity. We develop and offer on- and off-campus opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to engage in activities that promote social and global responsibility and thus the chance to prepare themselves for leadership and responsible citizenship in their professions and communities

Examples of behaviors that could be recognized for this award include:

  • Demonstrating the expectations set for the team, i.e., “walk the talk”
  • Encouraging and supporting others in assuming leadership roles and developing new skills
  • Understanding that everyone can have a leadership role and that one doesn’t have to serve in a supervisory capacity in order to lead
  • Enhance and practice new leadership skills
  • Taking on leadership roles within and outside of the UMB community.   Getting involved in community organizations
  • A good listener who pays attention and acknowledges others
  • Creates value in relationships with all levels of the organization
  • Inclusive and accepting of others, applying the principles of respect to everyone while modeling civility
  • Builds trust by transparency, communicates inclusively and publicly
  • Serves as a connector of ideas and people, helps others grow, and models the Core Values
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