Individuals, units, or groups can be nominated for the Core Values Awards in any of the following Core Values:

Accountability    Civility    Collaboration    Diversity    Excellence    Knowledge    Leadership


Demonstrates the University’s commitment to create, disseminate, and apply knowledge

At UMB, we seek to augment the learning of students, faculty, and staff. We foster and protect academic freedom and habits of thinking that are creative and critical. We believe learning is a lifelong avocation. The University creates and encourages a climate of discovery as well as the formation of innovative teaching and learning strategies — we realize further learning occurs in places beyond the classroom.

We pursue knowledge by preserving the intellectual heritage of our past while boldly marching into the arms of our future. It is our responsibility to disseminate this new knowledge to the general population and then apply it through patents, startup companies, nonprofit community outreach organizations, and bench-to-bedside methods.

Examples of behaviors that could be recognized for this award include:

  • Maintaining a healthy curiosity. Pursuing creative and unique solutions. Asking questions and seeking answers
  • Transforming knowledge into action
  • Taking risks, initiating action, and achieving positive outcomes
  • Recognizing and teaching members of the UMB community that knowledge comes not just from a textbook but through life experiences
  • Creating opportunities in which teacher and student become co-learners, discovering knowledge together and sharing their gifts with each other
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