Individuals, units, or groups can be nominated for the Core Values Awards in any of the following Core Values:

Accountability    Civility    Collaboration    Diversity    Excellence    Knowledge    Leadership


Demonstrates behavior that promotes teamwork that fosters insightful and excellent solutions

Collaboration is an important activity that involves shared responsibility in promoting productivity and educational success. At UMB, we commit ourselves to work toward these goals in genuine partnerships with one another, and also with community organizations, businesses, elected officials, and other groups at the local, regional, national, and international levels. Strategic partnerships not only help to strengthen our educational endeavors, they also add to a diversity of perspectives, experiences, and opportunities that contribute to a powerful learning environment.

Examples of behaviors that could be recognized for this award include:

  • Developing relationships across the University to share information and unify efforts. Involving others from different perspectives in decision-making and planning
  • Thinking creatively about challenges and issues and seeking multiple sources of input
  • Promoting teamwork through positive attitude and encouragement
  • Watching for and identifying ways to collaborate with UMB’s local, national, and global community activities
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