Individuals, units, or groups can be nominated for the Core Values Awards in any of the following Core Values:

Accountability    Civility    Collaboration    Diversity    Excellence    Knowledge    Leadership


Demonstrates behavior that is professional, ethical, respectful, and courteous

Everyone at UMB is expected to be cordial and professional. Civility demands that we treat others with respect.  With civility as a Core Value, the University community will promote justice, equality, honesty, courtesy, freedom, dignity, and responsible citizenship.

Civility and respect make us further appreciate the unique gifts and contributions of every person in the UMB community and to draw upon their diverse perspectives, so that we can truly be greater than the sum of our parts.

Examples of behaviors that could be recognized for this award include:

  • Being caring, respectful, and encouraging to others in the UMB community
  • Taking steps to model civil behavior and encourage others to do the same
  • Exercising patience when working with others
  • Listening actively, with sensitivity to individual needs, and asking probing questions to get to the deeper meaning
  • Spending extra time with colleagues, patients and their families, and clients when a clear need exists
  • Winning over others as a respectful leader/team member
  • Holding others up by inclusive behavior and showing respect, dignity, courtesy, and kindness
  • Encouraging others to shine and reflect their best selves
  • Encourage others, acknowledge them, treat others well and fairly
  • Being aware of others’ well-being and by using restraint, respect, and consideration is an act of civility
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