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Why I Got the COVID-19 Vaccine

Personnel from UMB, the University of Maryland Medical Center, and Faculty Physicians, Inc., are being vaccinated at the SMC Campus Center regularly. Beginning this weekend, the Esperanza Center, a community center that provides multiple services to the Latino community in East Baltimore, will be referring their patients to the Campus Center as well. Participants are asked if they would like to share why they got the COVID-19 vaccine. Our first reply came from Mohammad, who said after receiving the vaccine, “I can now go and hold my grandchild. For the last several months, I haven’t held my grandchild. I can hug my daughter. I haven’t done that for a long while. ... Please, come. Take the shot.”

During the coming weeks, UMB will be highlighting other members of the community and their vaccination experiences. Check out The Elm for more stories like this!

Cheyenne's experience getting the vaccine.
Yale's experience getting the vaccine.

Photo: Cheyenne Simmons is a student in the MS in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics program and a laboratory technician in a Frederick facility.