UMB Highlights

Pantry Helps UMB Fight Students’ Food Insecurity

Students strolling through the University of Maryland School of Nursing lobby Feb. 23 were greeted with friendly hellos and the opportunity to pick up a free bag of food courtesy of the UMB Student Food Pantry. The large eco-friendly bags donated by IKEA were filled with cans of tuna, crackers, boxes of raisins, water bottles, and fruit cups. Students could pick up an apple crisp snack or a box of cake mix if they wanted, too. This pop-up event was the fifth of its kind since September 2021, when the UMB Student Food Pantry opened to combat food insecurity among students, a problem that has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and economic factors such as inflation. The pop-ups, held at the SMC Campus Center and individual UMB school sites, are a way to provide supplies and spread awareness about the pantry and its resources.

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