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This library contains campus wide policy and procedures for the University of Maryland, Baltimore as well as links to University System of Maryland Policy. School, Department or Unit specific policies or procedures will remain at those appropriate levels.
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This library is a central resource with enhanced features designed as part of the 2011-2016 Strategic Planning Cycle. As part of the last strategic plan, co-chairs Anthony Bibbo, MBA, senior administrator, Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine and John Jensen, Assistant Vice President, Central Administrative Support Services directed efforts for a centralized resource of standard operating procedures for business processes which was coordinated by Shannon Dawkins Wrenn, JD. Wrenn was recently appointed Director of the Office of University Policy and Procedure under the direction of Roger Ward, JD, MPA, Chief Accountability Officer, Vice President, Operations and Planning. This project is a credit to the many stakeholders and subject matter experts that assisted with coordination and vital feedback as we created a new resource for the campus community.