These tools help describe and establish the processes and standards for developing, reviewing, approving, updating, and amending central UMB Policy and Procedures maintained in the library.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a new policy or procedure project get started?

New policy work must be initiated by a Vice President or Dean.  It will generally require the approval of the VP-In-Charge, who is considered the policy owner and responsible for the maintenance of the policy.  Please contact your supervisor or the Office of University Policy and Procedure if there are questions regarding ownership or approvals.  Once an owner is identified please see the Policy Process Workflow for next steps.  Review of the UMB Policy Process Tracking Form and template are also helpful first steps.

A new procedure initiative may require VP approval and legal review depending on the content.

Who drafts policy or procedures at UMB?

Each policy has an identified VP-In-Charge or policy owner.  The VP-In-Charge identifies a Lead Drafter who is responsible for drafting the policy.  The Lead Drafter may draft the policy changes themselves or appoint a designee.  Additional edits or language may also come from University Counsel, Subject Matter Experts, UPP, or other consultants.

Procedures are generally handled at the Director level but may require VP involvement or legal review depending on the content.

How to report issues with a policy or procedure?

If while using the library, an issue with a policy or procedure arises, please use the contact form located on that page.  You may also contact the Office of University Policy and Procedures (UPP) directly.  Errors or issues may include grammatical errors, confusing paragraphs, broken links, or more complex matters.  UPP will look into the issue and ensure your comments are forwarded to the proper subject matter experts on campus.

What is Suspended Policy Status?

Sometimes during the policy development process there is a substantial pause and the policy is moved to a "Suspended Policy Status".  This means no substantial update has occurred in over 30 days.  The lead drafter will be notified when a policy is to be moved to this status and the suspension will be confirmed with the VP-In-Charge.