Sponsored Projects Procedures

Request a Subaward Purchase Order

Research, Sponsored Projects   |   Approved October 9, 2015


Submit a procurement requisition for a subaward purchase order number.


Administrators supporting a Principal Investigator whose sponsored project includes a subaward to another organization (the subrecipient).  Both the subaward and the subaward purchase order number are needed in order for the subrecipient to be paid from the University of Maryland Baltimore’s award. 

See the Request a New Subaward procedure for instructions on issuing a subaward. 

See the Sponsored Program Administration’s Collaborations and Subrecipients webpage for more information on this topic.


  1. Administrators who perform this function must have access to eUMB Financials and training on procurement requisitions.
  2. Verify that the start and end dates of this budget period for the subaward match or are within the start and end dates of the award Project ID.
  3. Verify that there are enough unobligated funds in the Project ID, budgeted in the subcontract account codes, to cover this funding for the subaward.
  4. Determine whether you need a new Purchase Order (PO) or are increasing an existing PO for the same subaward.
    1. For new subawards, request a new PO.
    2. For existing subawards: if this requisition is using a different Project ID than the one used for the existing PO, then request a new PO. Do not increase the existing PO using a different Project ID.
  5. Using eUMB Financials, prepare and submit the PO Requisition.
    1. Add a new PUR01 Requisition
    2. Complete the fields on the Main Requisition screen as follows:
      1. Item = leave blank (not used)
      2. Description = Subrecipient Agreement
      3. Quantity = 1
      4. UOM (unit of measure) = YR (always use “YR” regardless of the length of the subaward)
      5. Price = amount to be encumbered, in whole dollars
      6. Category: Enter the applicable expense category on each line
        1. The first $25,000 awarded to the subrecipient (cumulatively over the entire life of the subaward) goes on expense category <$25,000.
        2. The entire amount greater than $25,000 (cumulatively) goes on expense category >$25,000.
      7. Vendor = subrecipient. If new, provide details in Header comments.
      8. Header comments must include:
        1. Whether this requisition is for a new PO or to change an existing PO (provide existing PO#).
        2. If increasing an existing PO, cumulative amount of PO after this increase.
        3. Start and end dates for the budget period of the funding provided in this requisition.
        4. eSuRF number associated with this action on the subaward.
        5. UMB’s Principal Investigator name
        6. Sponsor award number for the grant or contract funding the subaward.
        7. Subrecipient’s name (same organization name as used in eSuRF).
        8. For new PO: Subrecipient’s address (even if subrecipient is on the eUMB vendor list). Use same address as entered in eSuRF.
        9. New vendor information: If subrecipient is not found in the eUMB vendor look-up, provide the organization name, address, phone number, and (for U.S. organizations) Federal Tax ID number.
  6. Email the eUMB requisition number to your Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) Team.
  7. After the PO number has been assigned, the fully executed subaward or subaward modification is sent to the subrecipient with the assigned PO number. The subrecipient must reference the PO number on all invoices.
  8. The SPA team provides the fully signed subaward or subaward modification to the requesting department, Procurement, and Accounts Payable.
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