About the Library

This library contains University-wide policy and procedures for the University of Maryland, Baltimore, including University System of Maryland policies. Additional information regarding School Resources can be found here.

Policies and procedures are organized in the Policy Library following the University System of Maryland policy structure and numbering system.

  • Each category includes lists of all approved policies and procedures that fall within the functional area. 
  • Each individual UMB policy and procedure includes links to other relevant policies and procedures.

Enhanced search features allow multiple ways to find the policy and procedure relevant to your needs.

  • A Library Search is available to search for keywords throughout policy and procedure content.
  • The Index Search searches by the titles and tagged keywords, and also allows users to sort by approval date, category, type, or responsible leadership.

For any questions or comments on the policies and procedures included in this library, please contact the Office of University Policy and Procedures or use the feedback boxes available on all individual policy and procedure pages.


About the Office of University Policy and Procedures

UMB policies and procedures are processed through the Office of University Policy and Procedures (UPP Office), following efficient, consistent and transparent processes. The UPP Office has created resources for leadership and staff working on new or updated policies and procedures. Details on the development process, along with appropriate templates and tools, can be found on the Policy Development and Procedure Development pages. 

For department- or school-level policy or procedures, please see appropriate internal leadership.