LaMonte Brown

LaMonte Brown

LaMonte BrownLaMonte Brown is one of the newest police officers with the University of Maryland, Baltimore Police Department (UMBPD), but he's not a new police officer. Brown joined the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) more than 30 years ago, hoping to make a difference in Baltimore City.

"I wanted to help people in the same neighborhoods where my family lives," says Brown. His favorite part of the job? Helping people in need, no matter what the problem is.

During his career, Brown has helped capture bank robbers, coached basketball for at-risk youth at a local high school, and worked to bridge the gap between police and youth in Baltimore City. 

Brown knows being a police officer comes with challenges. "There's a loss in trust between the community and the police. It has to be fixed somehow," he says. "I think we first have to be honest and transparent with the community to gain trust back."

Brown hopes the UMB community sees the good work the UMBPD is doing. "Give us a chance. Don't put all police in one category. We're all individuals and we're here to assist you in every way."

Outside of work, Brown hopes to go back to school to earn a degree in business. He likes to ride his motorcycle, play spades, go bowling, and play miniature golf. "I'm definitely a fun-loving guy who values family and friends," he says.