Danice Coach

Danice Coach

Danice Coach HeadshotAs Danice Coach entered her senior year, earning a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, she decided it was time to get some hands-on experience. Coach joined the University of Maryland, Baltimore Police Department (UMBPD) as a security officer so she could be prepared for a career once she graduates. 

In her 10 months as a security officer, Coach says it has helped to supplement her in-class learning. “Being a security officer has given me great experience to learn the field of public safety,” she says.

Coach was hired one week before the pandemic hit. She wasn’t sure what to expect, and there were certainly challenges to overcome: periodic testing, wearing a mask, physical distancing, and other public safety guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, Coach says she was pleasantly surprised. “I was amazed how promptly we were able to keep everything running smoothly,” Coach says.

For those new to UMB, Coach advises you take advantage of the many great programs the school has to offer. As a UMB employee, Coach is able to receive tuition remission for school at the University of Baltimore. The cost savings have been a big benefit, she says.

In the future, Coach hopes to become a lawyer, work in the courts, or even be a police officer. She enjoys going out to eat, going to the movies, shopping, listening to music, and bike riding. She also enjoys expressing herself through songwriting, poetry, and journaling.