Chelsea Chase

Chelsea Chase

University of Maryland, Baltimore Police Department (UMBPD) Security Officer Chelsea Chase has important advice for the UMB community.

“When you enter a UMB building, have your [One Card] ID already out,” Chase says. “Just understand that we’re trying to keep everyone safe.”

Security officers are known as the “eyes and ears” for UMBPD. They serve as the first point of contact in many UMB buildings and patrol the campus to ensure the safety of our UMB community. Checking IDs helps to ensure that only approved personnel enter UMB buildings.

Chase has been a security officer for more than two years, first with the University of Baltimore and now UMB. Her position allows her to continue school for free.

Being a security officer comes with challenges. “Someone once accused me of posing as security,” Chase says. “Bad weather can also be a challenge if I’m out on patrol, but I just try to stay positive.”

Chase says she enjoys helping people, answering questions, and getting to know some of the “regulars” she sees around campus. “I’m nice!” she says. “So come say hi!”