Isidro Quinones

Isidro Quinones

Security officer Isidro Quinones is finally a spotlight officer more than a year after his supervisors first nominated him. Scheduling conflicts delayed his first nomination since Quinones works overnight, but his supervisors persisted in getting him the recognition he deserves. 

On the clock or off, Quinones is committed to his community. In a particularly memorable moment, he says he was on the way to work when he came upon a man who needed medical attention.

“I stopped and asked if he was feeling OK. He said he had some chest pain, so I contacted our University of Maryland, Baltimore Police Department [UMBPD] dispatch to see what other action I could do since it was on the edge of campus,” he says.

Officers responded quickly, and Quinones says he was not marked late for work. “With or without a uniform, I would have done the same thing. As a society, we must look out for each other,” he says.

The security officer’s commitment shines through in everything he does. He joined UMBPD after working in warehouses for much of his career. “I wanted something more to impact society and someone’s life,” he says. “This was an opportunity I saw that could do that.”

When he first joined the department, Quinones says he had to get used to what was “normal” for Baltimore City. As he interacted more with vulnerable populations, he learned how to find a balance between safety for the UMB community and respect for our neighbors.

“Everyone is a human first,” he says. “Everyone must be treated with respect.”

Quinones enjoys making someone’s day a “tad bit better.” The security officer says his role gives him the opportunity to make our community feel safer and, ultimately, make the world a little better.

He encourages new students to take a moment to take a breath. “You are building your life brick by brick. Step by step, you will achieve your goals. Leave tomorrow’s problems to your tomorrow self and focus on what is in front of you,” Quinones says.

In the future, Quinones hopes to continue to make a difference, either in the military or by becoming a police officer. “I’m still trying to figure it out,” he says. “I believe this job will show me a path I can follow and be proud of.”

Outside of work, Quinones enjoys watching football and basketball. He says he’s starting to read more and plans to go back to college.