David Maynard

David Maynard

PFC David Maynard has helped hundreds of people during 28-plus years in law enforcement. Maynard retired from the Baltimore City Police Department (BCPD) after 26 years and served two years as a Baltimore City sheriff’s deputy before joining the University of Maryland, Baltimore Police Department (UMBPD). 

Maynard’s favorite part of being a police officer is helping complete strangers. “I work with people from many different backgrounds. Sometimes they may have a fear or distrust of police officers,” he says. “By listening first, we can come to find a common ground from which to start.”

Policing is all about engaging with the community. Maynard says his greatest achievement is his ability to make friends and partnerships, even in the most challenging situations. Those people skills come in good use. In one memorable situation, the officer says he was able to persuade someone not to commit suicide after a long conversation. 

Maynard decided he wanted to be a police officer from a young age when BCPD’s aviation unit came to his school. “I was so amazed by the helicopter,” he says. “Afterward, all I wanted to do is be a police officer.”

Now with UMBPD, Maynard encourages employees and students to embrace the diversity on campus, stay aware of your surroundings, and travel in groups whenever possible.

Outside of work, Maynard enjoys traveling, being outside, and spending time with family. “I love tailgating at all of the Ravens’ home games, and I’m pretty good on the grill!” he says.

In the future, Maynard aspires to move into a leadership position with the department.