Corey Johnson-Larkins

Corey Johnson-Larkins

Police Communications Operator (PCO) Corey Johnson-Larkins is excited to join the University of Maryland, Baltimore Police Department (UMBPD). This is his first role as a PCO. 

“I’ve always had a thing for being a police officer, but I was scared to take the agility test,” says Johnson-Larkins. He says earning the PCO position at UMBPD was a major achievement. 

“It was very memorable, getting to talk on the radio and sit in the PCO chair,” he says. He especially enjoys being a part of a team and being able to help officers when they need assistance. 

Johnson-Larkins wasn’t always confident on the radio. In fact, he says he was scared to talk on the radio at first. “I had to tell myself I can do it,” he says. Through training, he’s gaining more confidence every day.

If you ever need to call UMBPD (410-706-6882), you might hear Johnson-Larkins’ voice. “This is a great campus,” he says. “If you ever need assistance, public safety is always willing to help.”

Johnson-Larkins aspires to become a PCO supervisor or lead one day. He also hopes to go to school to become a mortician after he retires. “I come from a background in funeral service, with over 15 years of experience,” he says.

Outside of work, Johnson-Larkins enjoys relaxing, reading, and watching the news. He described himself as a loving person who will do anything for anybody.