Brittany Nelson

Brittany Nelson

Police communications operator (PCO) Brittany Nelson is the newest dispatcher with the University of Maryland, Baltimore Police Department (UMBPD). In this role, she says she enjoys hearing real-life public safety situations that take place. 

As she completes her field training, Nelson says she’s learning to navigate the many responsibilities of being a PCO. “It can be difficult to hear over the radio,” she says. “I’m working on being more attentive to the radio and asking questions.”

Nelson is passionate about providing resources to minority communities. Through UMBPD, she’s able to be part of a community-oriented police department devoted to the well-being of our UMB and West Baltimore communities. 

As a new UMB employee herself, Nelson encourages other new students and employees to remain positive and confident. “Whether you follow through with your initial goal or realign your goals, always continue to believe in yourself!” she says.

Outside of work, Nelson enjoys eating out, shopping, and relaxing. She also enjoys touring homes, apartments, and residential areas for fun!