Card Access Request System

The old web form has been replaced by an updated web system.  This system is required for authorization to the campus card access system only.  The individual getting the access must have a Campus One Card before a request can be made. 

Use this link to access the system: 

This new system establishes a workflow for request and approvals (requestor, supervisor, building coordinator, public safety).  It electronically identifies, verifies, and tracks each individual involved in the workflow, using UMID and DUO.

It is a standardized record of who requested what access when, and who approved.  It is a single, easily searchable system of record for all building access requests and approvals.


The form can be used to request new access, alter existing access, or remove access. 

When you complete a form for someone else or for yourself, personal information will prefill for the named individual in the request. Up to 5 locations can be requested for an individual per request form, and you must specify the hours of access needed by the individual. 

An approval workflow is built into the new system process so that the appropriate approver is notified via email that a request needs their attention. 

  • There are two types of approvers per location: Level 1 and Level 2.
  • A Level 1 approver is responsible for approving access for one or more areas within a location. There could be many Level 1 approvers for a given building.
  • A Level 2 approver is responsible for a collection of locations within a building or for an entire building, or several buildings. Some locations may only have a Level 2 approver.
  • When a request is made by a user or manager who is not an approver, Level 1 approvers are notified of the request.
    • If the requested location does not have a Level 1 approver, Level 2 approvers are notified of the request.
  • When a request is made by or approved by a Level 1 approver, Level 2 approvers are then notified of the request.
  • When the request is made by or approved by a Level 2 approver, Public Safety is then notified of the approved request and will fulfil the access request. 



Sometimes, it may be necessary to request building access for multiple people, simultaneously, i.e. when a new group of students starts with the University. 

Level 2 approvers will also have ability to upload numerous requests at one time using the “upload multiple” option. A spreadsheet can be uploaded using the system process.

Within the building access request system, an example spreadsheet is provided under the Upload Multiple section.  It includes specific instructions on the required format/contents for each column. The request system will not upload the spreadsheet unless the instructions are followed. If the upload fails, an error will occur and the spreadsheet will need to be correct before it will successfully upload. Successfully uploaded data will be sent to Public Safety for processing.  

If you have questions, please contact