Ways to Give

Read below for a brief overview of the different ways you can give to UMB. To learn more about each giving option, select the one that most interests you.

Wallet containing paper money.


From traditional bills and coins, to checks, electronic payments, or Direct-IRA gifts (not including Donor-Advised Fund gifts), cash is the most popular form of giving, for convenience, immediacy, and familiarity.

A document with a chart.


Giving appreciated stock, mutual funds, and other investment assets provide donors the additional benefit of avoiding recognition of long-term capital gains, and thus avoid paying tax on those gains.

Icon of a signed living will or bequest.


Estate gifts through provisions in a will or living trust, or through the beneficiary forms on insurance or retirement funds, are the oldest and largest types of gifts made in humanity.

A building for sale.


Donors with real estate available to them for gifting purposes have several options: giving it outright to the Foundation; giving it and receiving a portion of the income; giving it and living in it for life; or selling the property at a discount.

Icon of an hourglass and money, representing financial returns over time.


For almost 180 years, Americans have been using charitable gift annuities to provide income—usually for life—in exchange for a donation of assets.

Hands shaking over a financial deal.


Finally, other gift options like charitable lead trusts present opportunities for donors to give property into a trust that makes gifts to the foundation over a set period of time, and at termination the remainder principal returns.