Customer Kudos

Here in the Parking and Transportation Services Department, we take pride in our customer services. Check out some of our glowing reviews!


This afternoon (12/17) at 4pm, I came out to my car in the Lexington Garage and found that it was completely dead. The lady at the front desk contacted a very nice gentleman who came out and helped me to jump start my dead battery. Both staff members were professional and prompt with their help. Thank you!! It made a dismal day a bit brighter. Theresa
Hello - I just wanted to give a shout out to Kevin C in the Pearl garage - he's the friendliest person - even if i have had the worst day, when I exit the garage he always puts a smile on my face with his friendly greetings. Please tell him that his efforts are appreciated and how much it can impact someone's day in a positive way! Emily
It is great that the university has EV Charging stations. I have been availing of these as I bought a PHEV recently. Kudos for having this facility available to us, and helping us reduce our carbon footprint. Anup
Joyce D. the parking garage attendant is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! She puts a smile on my face every time I park in your garage. She is very friendly, courteous and customer-oriented. Please let her know that she is appreciated. Marianne
I want to commend your team and how well they are doing to keep the UMSOD garages clean during the COVID 19 crisis. I usually park in the Pearl Garage and the last time I parked there, I could tell that the maintenance team was definitely aware and doing their job with regards to disinfection of surfaces that could potentially harbor the coronavirus. Most recently I parked in the Lexington Garage since the Pearl Garage has been closed and that garage is also as clean. Thank you for your efforts. Valli
Since the construction of the Pearl Street garage I have contacted parking, the Dental School administration about painting each floor a different color to assist faculty, staff and, most important, patients in being able to remember the color of the floor they parked on. Since this is my 48th year, and I recall the first garage I parked in (location of VA that had colors for each floor), I wondered if it would ever happen. BRAVO, OUTSTANDING, THANKS, WELL DONE ON FINALLY PAINTING THE PEARL STREET GARAGE .... YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. My heart pounded watching the painting in progress and to note the number of stripes designating the particular floors. WOW....job well done and faculty, staff and patients have commented on the elevators (also new and "talking") about how much easier it is to locate their cars.... James