Projects in Progress

Pratt Street Renovations

Pratt Street Renovations 2020

Pratt St. garage renovation project.

Pratt St. garage renovation and upgrades begin April 12, 2021 and will last approximately 16 months. A total of 170 spaces will be impacted during this time, decreasing garage capacity.  Occasionally, vehicles will be redirected to the Penn St garage as daily capacity is reached. Facility hours and card access are being modified in Penn St garage to assist with any potential overflow. Effective April 12th, Pratt parkers will be allowed to park in Penn St. garage during normal operating hours, which have been extended to 12am, Mon-Fri.

Update for remainder of renovation project (6/27/2022)

 Beginning Wednesday evening July 6th, the lower levels of the Pratt St. garage along with spaces located on level 1 will be unavailable until further notice due to construction.  To accommodate for the loss of spaces, beginning July 6th, the Penn St. garage will remain open 24/7 until project completion.   All vehicles in restricted areas must be vacated by 8PM on Wednesday, July 6th.

EV charging spaces will not be available. Please follow relocation instructions and move your vehicle when charging is completed.

Carpool spaces will be relocated to Penn St. garage 1st level.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we finalize this project with an anticipated completion prior to Labor Day.

Plaza Garage Improvements

Plaza Garage PIP

Plaza Garage project. (Updated 4/19/22)

Constuction begins in the Plaza Garage May 2022. Lighting retrofits will take place throughout the facility as we upgrade to LED fixtures. LED fixtures are replacing the current metal-halide units which use a higher electrical consumption. There will be modified traffic patterns within the facility. Upgrades will continue through October 2022


Plaza Garage Elevator Update

Plaza Garage Elevator Upgrades

Those who park in the Plaza Garage should note that the garage will be undergoing significant modernization efforts to provide three functional elevators. Construction will begin on the third unit in May 2022 with a tentative completion of October 2022. Please be aware of changes impacting foot traffic and restricted parking in posted construction zones.