Projects in Progress

Grand Garage Renovations

Baltimore Grand garage

Renovations begin in the Baltimore Grand Garage August 2019.  These renovations will include façade repairs, painting, deck coating, drainage, and way-finding signage.  As a result, there is a reduction in available parking spots. Parkers (especially those arriving late in the morning) may be directed to another garage. If you are a regular parker and would like to request a temporary garage re-assignment, please contact your parking representative. A limited number of re-assignments will be available on a first-come, first-served basis (limited spots are only available in Saratoga and Lexington garages). Modernization efforts will continue into early 2020.



Anyone who has a parking access card that has registered to participate in the trial program, will see the garage gates automatically rise when pulling up to the ticket dispenser and exit card reader. This is the result of the new LPR system that identifies your vehicle based on your license plate number(s) on file. 

Plaza Garage Elevator Updates

Plaza Garage Elevator Upgrades

Those who park in the Plaza Garage should note that the garage will be undergoing significant modernization efforts to provide three functional elevators. Please be aware of changes impacting foot traffic and restricted parking in posted construction zones.

Pearl Street Garage Way-Finding and Graphics

Pearl Street Upgrade

Renovations begin in Pearl Street Garage July 2019.  These renovations will include way-finding and graphics applied to wall and columns throughout the facility.  As a result, there will be a reduction in available parking spaces.  Parkers/Patients arriving late in the morning may be directed to another garage.  Facility improvements will continue into early 2020.

Pratt Street Garage Ventilation Project

Pratt Ventilation Project

Renovations of lower level ventilation system and Co/No sensors are nearing August completion in the Pratt Street Garage.  As a result, there are certain areas in the lower level that are restricted as commissioning of the system is completed.