Market Center Program

Market Center Garage

Market Center parking program is currently suspended indefinitely.




Students parking at the Market Center Garage, located at 221 North Paca St., will have access to the garage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The garage is staffed Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. After 8 p.m., the overhead roll gate will be in the down position; however, you will be able to enter or exit using your access card. Failure to follow the garage procedure could result in the loss of parking privileges. Vehicles remaining in the garage more than five continuous days shall be deemed abandoned and may be removed. This permit is nonrefundable; refunds will not be given once the permit has been picked up for use from the Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) Office.

Parking Registration Information

Please read all of the following information before proceeding. Failure to follow these procedures will delay the parking registration process and could result in a loss of parking privileges.

  • An academic yearly/semester fee (see below) will be charged. There is no daily fee to park.
  • Permit must be displayed at all times.
  • On an academic yearly or semester basis, you will need to apply for your permit online.
  • You will need your UMB One Card when you pick up your permit.
  • A permit and access card must be returned when you graduate or withdraw. If these are not returned, your deposit will be forfeited.

All students, to access on-campus Market Center parking you must do the following:

  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Purchase a permit:
    a. Academic yearly permit fee ($360)
    b. Academic semester permit fee ($180)
  3. Go to the PTS cashier’s office in SMC Campus Center with your UMB One Card.
  4. A deposit of $15 cash is required for the access card.
  5. Students must wait for atleast 48 hours in order pick up the permit.
  6. PTS will link your student UMB One Card to the parking system (your UMB One Card link gives you access after 4 p.m. and out by 9 a.m. to all UMB garages).

Additional information regarding Market Center parking will be provided with the receipt of your permit and access card.


For problems with the Market Center access card, contact Market Center management at 410-837-3710. For problems with your University One Card, contact PTS at 410-706-5518.

Forgot Your Permit

If you park on campus without your permit and University One Card, you will have to pay the daily corresponding fees. Refunds will not be given.

Return Access Card

Students must return the permit/access card to PTS at the end of each semester or when taking a leave of absence. If you need to continue parking after the program ends, visit the Parking and Transportation Services Office to purchase a student daily permit for the Lexington Student Garage.

Buy a parking permit.