Baltimore Ravens

Parking is available in the Baltimore Grand Garage at 5 N. Paca St. and in the Penn Garage at 120 S. Penn St. The Baltimore Grand Garage is open 24/7.

Game Rates

The parking rate for Ravens games is $15. The Penn Garage allows Ravens game parkers to enter three hours before the game begins and closes three hours after the game ends. Parking for Ravens home games are credit card only.

Visitor Parking Rates

1 or less $7
2 or less $9
3 or less $10
3-5 $12
5-7 $15
7-24 Max $17

24 hour maximum

Those attending weekday daytime games (before 5 p.m.) will pay the visitor rates above. Parking for daytime games is not guaranteed, and Ravens game parkers could be directed to other garages. During pre-sale events, garages accept credit cards only.

Garage Policies

During pre-sale events, to expedite the flow of traffic after the game, parkers will need to pay by credit card as they enter the garage and will be given a ticket in exchange for payment to allow rapid exit from the garage. The ticket should be given to parking staff stationed near the exit. Parkers will be redirected to an alternate garage if, upon entry, they do not have credit card or a prepaid (pink) or chargeback (green) parking voucher.

Blue patient vouchers are not accepted during pre-sale events. For parkers visiting FPI or UMMC, please park in the Plaza or Pratt St. garage.

No tailgating is allowed in campus garages.