Request Access Card Usage

Policy on Retrieving Data

The Office of Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) maintains certain data regarding parking access card usage, through a computer system known as the Parking Access Revenue Control System (PARCS).

All requests for data regarding parking access card usage from PARCS must be made in writing to the director of PTS. The request must be specific and for a limited number of dates.

Unless required by law (e.g., for law enforcement purposes or pursuant to subpoena), data only will be provided to the person who pays for use of the parking access card. If a department or entity is paying for a person’s parking (FPI, UMMC, etc.), the request must be made by the head of the department.


There will be a $10 administrative fee for data with respect to each date, each card requested. This fee must be paid in advance before release of data (this fee will not apply to data provided to the UMB Police Department or other law enforcement agencies).


The card usage report (in/out status) only provides dates and times that the parking access card was swiped at the entrance and exit device. It does not indicate whether the parker assigned to the access card was the person who used the card.

As with all technology, PARCS is not 100 percent reliable. Data may be missing or out of order at times. PTS does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the data or information. All data is provided “as is,” and all representations or warranties are hereby disclaimed.

License Plate Recognition.

“Pursuant to Maryland law, Parking and Transportation Services (P.T.S.) is required to deny inspection of captured plate data from its automatic license plate reader system, except to a law enforcement agency for a legitimate law enforcement purpose.”


A minimum of 72 hours will be needed for data retrieval. Because of computer issues and/or data requested, more time may be needed.