Facilities Upgrades

Parking and Transportation Services is proud of the facilities and services we offer. Take a look at what we've done!

Lexington Garage Facilities Upgrades 2020

Lexington Garage

  • Fire alarm system replacement
  • Automated access control and payment processing
  • Exterior building canopy
  • Modifications to parking attendant booths
  • Upgrades to doors to make them ADA compliant
  • Emergency generator installed


Pratt Garage 2020 reno

Pratt Street Garage

  • Repair of garage access drive lanes and drains
  • Replacement of trees and shrubs along Pratt Street
    • Plantings will look similar to those outside HS/HSL
    • Campus beautification upgrade
  • Renovations of lower level ventilation system and Co/No sensors

Baltimore Grand Elevator Reno 2020

Baltimore Grand Garage

  • Lamp retrofit from high-pressure sodium to brighter, energy-efficient LED fixtures, reducing electric load on the campus grid
  • Replacement of cashier booths
  • Renovations, safety upgrades, and structural evaluations
  • Wayfinding graphics, deck coating, and façade repair

Penn Lighting Upgrade 2020

Penn Street Garage

  • Fire alarm system replacement
  • Replacement of interior drainage system
  • Renovations, modernization/life-safety projects
  • LED Lighting Upgrade

Pearl Garage Facilities Upgrades 2020

Pearl Street Garage

  • Structural repairs and renovations
  • Upgrades to doors to make them ADA compliant
  • Installation of security monitors “real-time” viewing
  • HVAC replacement
  • Renovations, modernization/life-safety projects
  • Structural deck repairs, restriping, caulk joint replacement, replacement of rooftop deck coating, and drainage system
  • Elevator Modernization
  • Way-finding and graphics applied to wall and columns throughout the facility

Plaza Garage

  • Fire alarm system replacement
  • Upgrade/replace ventilation fan system
  • Replace wall T12 lighting, wall markers, and exit signs with more sustainable LED fixtures
  • Waterproofing
  • Security camera network installed for remote monitoring
  • LPR system that identifies your vehicle based on your license plate number(s) on file
  • Concrete deck/slab repair and structural reinforcement

Saratoga Garage 2020

Saratoga Street Garage

  • Fire alarm replacement
  • Booth replacement

Koesters Lot 2020

Koesters Lot

  • Repaved and striped lot

Moving Forward

  • Several large-scale facility projects will require additional funding as we await structural assessments and campus directives
  • Hardware/software upgrades for new regulatory credit card payment processing
  • Pratt Garage structural repairs
  • Penn Garage graphics package
  • Saratoga Garage renovations and deck coating