Rideshare Program

What is UMB Rideshare?

UMB Rideshare offers students, staff, and faculty a fun and easy way to get around. Drive your own car and split costs by offering rides, or if you don’t have a car, find a ride with someone who’s going your way. Use UMB Rideshare to find transit options, cycling routes, and bike and transit buddies, too!

How to Get Started

  • Sign in with your UMID
  • Enter your trip profile (origin, destination, travel preferences, schedule, comments)
  • Confirm your email
  • Search for commute options
  • Contact a UMB community member to start ridesharing
  • Log your sustainable travel choices and see what a difference you're making!
As a UMB Rideshare participant, you get:
  • Assurance that you’re being matched with the UMB community only and your information is secure
  • An easy way to share your commute and find sustainable options