Frequently Asked Questions

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These procedures serve as a guide to services and transactions for transportation needs on campus.

General Questions

Is there parking available on the roof of Lexington Market?

A limited number of parking spaces are available on the Lexington Market roof. To obtain a permit, visit the Office of Parking and Transportation Services or visit Student Parking for the Lexington Market Rooftop student rate.

If I forget my permit and have to pay the visitor rate, can I request a refund?

Payroll deduction parkers will be limited to one refund in a 12-month period. Receipts older than 30 days will not be honored. Pay-daily parkers are not eligible for refunds. To request refunds, you must have a receipt from the garage attendant. For questions or concerns, call 410-706-5518.

How can I obtain a patient discount voucher?

Visitors must validate parking tickets or request parking vouchers from doctors’ offices or the information desk, located in the University of Maryland Medical Center lobby. Present vouchers to the cashier to receive the patient rate for parking.

Student Parking

Commuter student parking

Located at Lexington Garage, 660 W. Lexington St., on the corners of Pine and Lexington streets. Student parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis and does not guarantee a parking space; however, we do our best to provide a space for everyone. Commuter student permits are to be used while you are attending classes and do not allow for overnight parking. Abusers could lose their parking privileges on campus permanently.

Driving directions to Lexington Garage

  • From MLK Boulevard, traveling north, make a right onto Saratoga Street, then a right onto Pine Street. Make a left onto Lexington Street, and the garage is on your immediate left. 
  • From MLK Boulevard, traveling south, make a left onto Saratoga Street, then a right onto Pine Street. Make a left onto Lexington Street, and the garage is on your immediate left. 
  • If you are traveling north on Paca Street, make a left onto Lexington Street. Proceed through the first light and go two blocks. The entrance to the Lexington Garage will be on your right.

How do I purchase a parking permit?

Please visit the Commuting Student page for full instructions on registering.

Parking alternatives

For more information on the MTA program for students, please visit the alternative transportation page of the parking website.

Parking fees

The cost of the daily permit is $5 and the daily parking fee is $6 per day. After August 1, 2022, the rate will be $7 per day. Students will need to link their UMB One Card to receive the student rate. Students also may link a debit or credit card to eliminate the need to carry cash. You will need to pull a ticket.

Where do I park the first day I arrive on campus?

On the first day you arrive on campus, go to the Lexington Garage displaying your new student permit. If you don’t purchase your permit before the first day of school, just inform the attendant that you are a new student, pay the $6 daily parking fee and visit the Commuting Student page to purchase your new permit. 

Can I park in other UMB parking facilities?

After 4 p.m. on weekdays, students who have already paid for parking in Lexington Garage may move their vehicle to any other garage, if so desired, without having to pay for parking again. Evening students arriving on campus after 4 p.m. on weekdays and all weekend may park in any facility and pay the student rate of $6 afte when displaying a valid student permit. All students must remove their cars by 9 a.m. or you will be considered a visitor and charged the maximum visitor rate.

I am a dorm student. How do I get parking and how much do I pay?

The dormitory resident parking fee per semester is $300. If you pay for the entire school year before or by the date provided by the Cashier's Office, the cost is $550. Dormitory residents are allowed 24-hour parking, so they may not purchase a daily permit. More details are available at the Residence Life Office at 410-706-5523 or Parking Services at 410-706-5518. Please visit the Parking and Transportation Services home page and click on Parking Information. Applications are available under forms under the parking and transportation website. Once the form is completed and submitted to the parking office, students will be notified to pick up their permit. If you will be living in the neighborhood but not in UMB housing, we cannot provide overnight parking for you. If you will be living at Fayette Square, your parking must go through Fayette Square and not the UMB Parking Office. Please contact the Fayette Square office at 410-706-5523 for parking information.

For your information

For more information about the University System of Maryland, visit their website

To contact Student Services, call 410-706-7117.
To contact Records and Registration, call 410-706-7480.
To contact Financial Aid, call 410-706-7347.

In Case of Emergency

Can I get my car out of the garage if shelter-in-place has been ordered?

If a shelter-in-place order is in effect, the doors on all UMB garages will be secured and no vehicles may go in or out. Please remain in place until further instruction.

Will the shuttle and police escorts operate when shelter-in-place is ordered?

The walking and van escorts and the UM shuttle are not in operation during a shelter-in-place order.

If the campus is closed, can I still use my parking garage?

If the status of any of the UMB parking garages changes, that information will be posted on the UMB Parking and Transportation website. The information will also be distributed via Twitter.

If the campus is closed, can I use the shuttle to get home or to my car? Is the police escort service available?

When the campus is closed, UM shuttle and the police escort services will not run. If the campus is closing early, the UM shuttle buses will leave the Pearl Street hub at the first scheduled time AFTER the time of closure and they will complete their routes if the situation permits. So that means, if the campus closes at 3 p.m., the last shuttle bus will leave the Pearl Street hub at the first listed time AFTER 3 p.m. NextBus should reflect the route closure on the schedule.

In the event of an evacuation order, can I get my car out of the garage?

Yes, unless the evacuation order included instructions to the contrary.

How can I find information about alternate routes home?

Alternate routes home can be found on the Alternate Routes web page in the Office of Parking and Transportation Services website. In addition, several free navigation applications are available for your Android phone or iPhone. These services will provide not only maps but also assistance in finding the fastest route by avoiding traffic jams.

How will I get updated UM shuttle route information?

If you have not signed up to receive NextBus alerts, please do so. NextBus is your primary information source for the UM shuttle.  

Do You Know?

... that UMB parking has winter supplies available for use?

Garage and lot attendants have ice scrapers and de-icer on-hand, and can offer a hot-shot in cold weather. Other help is available. See an attendant for details.

... that garages have "relaxed time zones?"

You may park in any garage after 4 p.m.

... that writing a name and permit number on a ticket is NOT permitted in place of using a UMB parking access card (UMB One Card or Access Card)?

If you have an issue with your parking access, please contact Parking and Transportation Services at 410-706-5518

... that automotive services are available in your time of need?

Lockout services, battery jumps, and flat tire assistance are available at your garage. Please see parking attendant for details.

... that Parking and Transportation Services offers more than just parking?

A few alternative transportation options include Bikeshare, Carpool and Zipcar. Please click here to see what other transportation options are offered.

...what to do if you forget your card to swipe into your garage?

Monday through Friday, a monthly parker who is unable to swipe into their assigned garage can go to the parking cashier's office in the SMC Campus Center’s lower level to request a voucher to exit the garage that day. Please bring the white ticket received upon entry and one form of ID to get the voucher.

... where to park in any emergency garage closure?

  • Pearl parkers go to the Baltimore Grand
  • Penn parkers may park in Pratt or Penn
  • Saratoga parkers go to the Baltimore Grand

... which garages are "24-hour garages"?

The following garages are open all day and times, even during emergencies, unless otherwise noted:

  • Baltimore Grand
  • Lexington
  • Plaza
  • Pratt