Advisory Committee

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) Office of Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) strives to provide students, faculty, staff, and visitors with the best possible parking and transportation experience.

To assist PTS with providing the best possible parking and transportation experience, the Parking Transportation Services Advisory Committee (PTSAC) was created. The committee is composed of members who represent the campus community who meet on a regular basis to discuss parking and transportation issues and concerns on behalf of the campus community. This committee serves as an advisor to the chief business and finance officer and vice president at UMB.

FY 21-22 Parking and Transportation Services Advisory Committee Members

Scott Bitner Administration and Finance 6-3822
John Yurich Administration and Finance 6-3050
Tanisha Burt Administration and Finance 6-2433 
  Deptartment of Public Safety    
Abby Crest Faculty Physicians, Inc. 6-1762
Angela Hall Parking & Transportation Svc. 6-6199
Robert Milner  Parking & Transportation Svc.  6-1857 
Kent Buckingham School of Dentistry 6-0343
Michele Ondra School of Law 6-7270
Jennifer Galang School of Medicine 6-7035
William Cooper School of Pharmacy 6-4416
Ava Norris School of Pharmacy 6-8546
Kimber Lee School of Social Work  
Kecia Hitch UMB Staff Senate 6-7117
Cyndi Rice UMB Student Gov't Assoc. 6-3171
Walter Brown UMMC Safety-Security 8-0055
Mishler Oksana UMB Faculty Senate  
Kenneth Toran Veterans Administration 410-605-7000