2019 Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule

Garage and Lots


Grand, Plaza, Pratt, and Lexington Open normal business hours
Pearl and Penn Garages

Closed - Nov. 28 and 29

Saratoga Garage Closed - Nov. 28 and 29
Hospital employees should use Pratt Garage.
BioPark Garage Open for access card holders only
Lexington Market Rooftop

Closed - Nov. 28
UMB parkers will need to utilize a campus garage using your UMB OneCard.

Admin. Lot

Closed Nov. 28 and 29

Parking and Transportation Offices

PTS Office (Pearl Garage) Closed- Nov. 28 and 29
Cashier's Offfice (SMC Campus Center) Closed- Nov. 28 and 29

Mass Transit

Please Note

  • If your assigned garage/lot is closed, you may use your access card and park in any open garage.
  • Be sure to display your hangtag and have your ID.
  • If your card fails to work and a ticket is dispensed, you may be responsible for visitor parking fees. If required to pay, get a receipt and contact our Cashiers' Office on the following day at 6-5518.

Questions or Concerns?

Call Penn Parking in the Baltimore Grand Garage at 410-706-4260/8145 or the Lexington Garage at 410-706-2839.