Program Goals

  1. Create intercultural and interprofessional space where participants recognize difference and diverse identities as multiple, intersecting, hybrid, ever-changing, and central to academic and social inquiry.

  2. Identify and engage in interprofessional and intercultural communication strategies that view written and spoken language practices as social and meaning as socially and collaboratively constructed.

  3. Acknowledge and interrogate the historical and ongoing attempts by institutions, systems, and individuals to erase difference and to dismiss ways of knowing and literacy practices of marginalized and racialized groups and individuals.

  4. Offer ongoing intersectional, critically self-reflective, deliberative, interprofessional, and social justice-based training for facilitators in-person and through a digital platform (blog).

  5. Engage participants and facilitators in strategies for inclusive and equitable conversation that reduces and eliminates harm to marginalized and racialized program participants and communities and individuals discussed in program conversations.