Facilitator Information

Application deadline extended by September 17, 2021

Responsibilities for Facilitators:

As a facilitator, your responsibilities include:

  1. Attending a facilitator training in September 23, and October 7, 2021 (Virtual).
  2. Facilitating a conversation meeting once a week for the fall 2021 to the spring 2022 (Virtual).
  3. Creating and maintaining an individual reflection vlog which includes themes, successes and concerns merging during the conversation.
  4. Providing a few comments on other facilitators' vlogs every week.
  5. Setting up a virtual meeting platform (Zoom or Webex)
  6. Sending out email about the date, time, and venue of the weekly conversation meetings.
  7. Gaining a deeper understanding from others through equitable and meaningful cross-cultural and professional conversation
  8. Responding to survey questionnaires and comments about the program.


  1. Establishing professional networking within the different schools at UMB.
  2. Communicating your professional and academic work to participants in other professions.
  3. Gaining leadership experience.
  4. Developing practical time management and logistic skills.
  5. Improving your critical or strategical thinking.
  6. Having fun.
  7. Learning new perspectives that enhance your worldview.

*Please read Guidelines for Conversation, Academic integrityTitle IX and Family Educaional Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) before submitting your application.

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