Our Programs

Improving Health

Treatment referrals
Health personnel offer residents referrals to local health care providers, such as the low-cost dental clinic run by the University of Maryland School of Dentistry.

Senior health
Wellness classes are tailored to the needs of older residents.

Walking and fitness club
Walking circuits through West Baltimore promote a healthy lifestyle, enliven neighborhood streets, and connect residents with UMB students and employees in recreational activity.

Health disparities and social justice
These on-site courses engage students in developing interventions to improve population health.

Local parents are offered a free weekly playgroup where preschool-aged children can play and develop social skills while parents get access to advice and support from peers, nursing faculty, and students.

Enriching Student and Community Learning

Community schools
The center hosts select after-school activities shared by students attending UMB-led community schools and serves as a training hub for faculty and staff who run community school partnerships and programs.

Mentoring and career exploration
Middle school students enrolled in the UMB CURE Scholars Program engage in activities designed to develop their interest in — and jump-start their preparation for — high-wage, high-reward jobs in biomedicine.

Students needing extra learning time and attention are referred to community and University resources such as A Bridge to Academic Excellence, a free STEM tutoring program run by the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.  

Guest lectures
Regular talks cover topics that residents identify as vital to healthy community development, such as childhood nutrition, social justice and the built environment, ending intimate partner violence, and treating substance abuse and dependency.

Building Community Capacity

GED tutoring and test prep
With its community partners, the CEC prepares residents without a high school diploma to take and pass the GED exam.

Job readiness workshops
Clients receive support in resume writing, interviewing, and developing the “soft skills” necessary for professional success.

Personal finance workshops
Seminars cover such topics as household budgeting, building credit, and buying a home.

Legal advice
Run by the University of Maryland Carey School of Law, the Just Advice clinic offers residents free and low-cost legal services in family law, housing, employment, expungement, insurance, criminal law, civil law, and elder law.

UMB job hub
Staff members of UMB’s Office of Human Resource Services talk to residents on-site about jobs available at UMB and help them apply for open positions.

Small business support
UMB’s faculty and staff offer small business owners advice and support to help clients compete for University spending on products and services.

Community leadership
Workshops prepare emerging neighborhood leaders for success in community organizing and advocacy.


Strengthening Neighborhoods

Neighborhood mapping

Students from the School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation at the University of Maryland, College Park use geospatial information systems to map land use, community assets, and vacant properties in West Baltimore, supporting the planning and revitalization priorities of the Southwest Partnership’s Commercial Development Committee.

Community lunches
Each month, UMB students host catered lunches for West Baltimore residents, strengthening the social connections between the University and the community.

Networking nights
Students, faculty, and staff who teach courses or operate programs at the CEC acquaint each other with their projects and find opportunities for collaboration.