Ethics Week Celebration

Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week was Nov. 4-10, 2018!  This was a time for organizations of all types and sizes to spotlight the efforts and actions that create and reinforce a culture of compliance.  

During this time the Office of Accountability and Compliance (OAC) took the opportunity to raise awareness on our collective efforts to be accountable, to recognize those champions of ethics within UMB, and to reinforce the importance of compliance across our community.

Watch the Presentation by Dr. Bob Ernst on Ethics or listen to the OAC podcasts below!


Society of Corporate Ethics and Compliance - 2018 Ethics Week Logo


2018 UMB Ethics Week Celebration - Presentation by Dr. Bob Ernst
The Journey from Knowledge to Knowing: A Faculty Perspective on Ethics

OAC's Podcast - Empowered

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Ep1: 2018 UMB Ethics Week Celebration KickOff, Dr. Roger Ward
Ep2: 2018 UMB Ethics Week - Practicing Integrity, Dr. Nancy Lowitt
Ep3: 2018 UMB Ethics Week - Procuring Excellence, Michele Ondra, MHRM, MBA
Ep4: 2018 UMB Ethics Week - Ethics: The Professional Lens of Social Work, Gisele Ferretto, MSW, LCSW-C
Ep5: 2018 UMB Ethics Week - The Ethics of Fairness, Ann Mech, JD
Ep6: 2018 UMB Ethics Week - Educating Against Research Misconduct, Dr. Peter Swaan
Ep7: 2018 UMB Ethics Week - Practicing Leadership: From Students to Professionals, Dr. Kate Noonan
Ep8: 2018 UMB Ethics Week Celebration Conclusion, Dr. Susan Buskirk