Community-Based Research Grants

**No Request for Proposals are open at this time - check back later**

The Center for Global Education Initiatives is focused on creative faculty scholarship and innovative solutions working in partnership with communities to improve the health of global communities in Baltimore, the United States, and overseas. This small grants program provides support for faculty to develop local (Baltimore) community-based research projects or programs.

Grant Goal

To provide research funds to UMB faculty to work in partnership with community-based organizations to implement community programs or conduct community-based participatory research, addressing population health needs, health disparities, or social justice-related issues in Baltimore.


Grants are open to faculty in each of the UMB schools.

Funds Available

  • Each project will be awarded up to $15,000 for a one-year project.
  • Two proposals will be funded in Fiscal Year 2018.
  • Up to 50 percent of requested funds may support faculty effort on the project.
  • Support must be provided to a community partner and part of their effort on the project (as a subcontract).

Parameters of the small grants research

  • The focus of the research is to broadly address population health, health disparities, social justice, community engagement, or community development, locally in Baltimore.
  • The research can be community-based participatory research or community program implementation.
  • All projects require at least one community-based collaborating organization (CBO) and a specific individual within that CBO who is the partner on the project or research.
  • While the focus is to be done in local Baltimore communities, an added dimension will include how this research could be translated or disseminated for a broader global impact in the United States or internationally.
  • Proposals should include a description of plans for disseminating the findings to the community.
  • The plan should describe how results might be applicable in other settings beyond Baltimore and what aspects of the results are likely to be specific to Baltimore and what might be considered more universal or global.
  • Faculty applicants are encouraged to include at least one UMB student on the project.
  • The proposal should include clear goals, methods, and outcomes
  • If awarded, the project must be approved by the UMB Institutional Review Board (IRB).
  • All grantees will be expected to present project findings at a campuswide symposium in Fall 2019 with community partners.

Sample research objectives could be:

  • Development of metrics to evaluate the impact of a school-based intervention in West Baltimore.
  • Development of a program to support grandmothers raising grandchildren in Baltimore.
  • Evaluation of a preventive intervention or a service on the health of a targeted community in West Baltimore.
  • Evaluation of a service-learning activity with communities in West Baltimore. 
  • Assessment of strategies to foster community engagement in West Baltimore.

Grant Review Criteria and Application Tips


Each application will be reviewed for the following criteria:

  • Significance of the project to a Baltimore community and/or to UMB’s local community engagement.
  • Potential for strengthening community partnerships.
  • Potential sustainability of project with future funding.
  • Translation of project findings to community.
  • Clear plan.
  • Articulation of how research, project, or interventions could have impact globally.

Tips for writing a strong application

Applicants should consider the following:

  • Does the project or research have a clearly stated goal?
  • Are the proposed methods likely to achieve the project’s goals? 
  • Can the level of award realistically accomplish the work proposed?
  • Is the dissemination plan clearly presented?
  • Is there local support for this project?
  • Are the implications for programs articulated and relevant globally?
  • Does the project have potential to obtain funding from other sources to sustain this program or this research?
  • Does the proposed budget reflect significant participation from community partners?
  • Are there plans for how UMB students can learn and participate in this project?

Application Format

  • Cover page that includes a project title, principal investigator name, email, UMB school(s), and names of co-investigators, including community partner(s) and student(s).
  • Abstract (maximum of 150 words).
  • Project plan (limited to four single-spaced, 12-point typed pages)
    1. Background
    2. Statement of Population Health, Health Disparities, or Social Justice need
    3. Goal
    4. Objectives
    5. Methods
    6. Outcome measures
    7. Dissemination
    8. Sustainability plan
  • Budget with justification
  • Biosketches of all investigators
  • Letter of engagement/support from the community partner or community-based organization leader

Prepare your proposal following the application format as described above.

Submit your application by uploading it here by Friday, Jan. 12, 2018, 11:59 p.m.


Time frame for 2018 projects

Nov. 10, 2017: Request for applications issued
Jan. 12, 2018: Application due date
Feb. 2, 2018: Award announcement
March 5, 2018: IRB application and approval process
April 2, 2018: Expected grant start date
April 2019: Ending of projects and research
September 2019: Dissemination of results with community partners


Please contact Dr. Lori Edwards at 410-706-1929 or by email.

Download pdf version of the request for applications.