Neighborhood Testimonials

Ebony Nicholson, MSW

Ebony sitting on her porch, holding her two dogs

Ebony Nicholson moved to Baltimore three years ago to get her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Maryland School of Social Work, and she now works as the academic coordinator for diversity and inclusion initiatives in UMB’s Campus Life Services. She’s lived in Silver Spring, Md., Washington, D.C., and even Zambia when working with the Peace Corps, but now she calls Hollins Market home. She rents a house where she lives with her roommate and two dogs, Jackson and Milo. 

Academic Coordinator for Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
Campus Life Services
Hollins Market Resident

What initially made you want to live in Hollins Market?

When I came for my graduate school open house, they were talking about living on campus vs. living in the communities. One presenter in particular talked about the seven neighborhoods of the Southwest Partnership and that there were a lot of affordable houses in the area. My roommate worked at James McHenry Elementary/Middle School, which is here, so it just worked out that she liked the community. The first year, I didn’t find anything and I lived in Barre Circle. The second year, this one popped up and it was perfect, so we moved in. It’s just like an opportunity to have fun, be close to work, and lower my carbon footprint overall.

Do you have relationships with your neighbors?    

Yes. I know pretty much all of my neighbors by face if not by name, especially the dog-owning neighbors. Everyone is really friendly. Every time I take Jackson for a walk, I have to plan for an additional five minutes of just conversation, which is great. I think we live in a society now where not many people know their neighbors or get familiar. Here, we invite each other to each other’s parties and we get dinner. Most of us are in the neighborhood association and talk to each other outside of it because we do a lot of projects together. It kind of feels like a mini family within this neighborhood.

What are your favorite things to do in the area?

I think my favorite thing to do is to eat at Zella’s Pizzeria. It’s great food and they have events and art shows. There’s a park around the corner and it’s just an open area to sit. We are also close to downtown, so it's nice to be within walking distance. The B&O Railroad Museum is right down the street and is also really cool.

Why do you like it in Hollins Market better than where you have lived previously?   

There are more people who have lived in the community all of their lives and people who are not students, so it’s an opportunity to meet people outside of the bubble of UMB. And people are really invested in this community.

Are you looking to buy a house in Baltimore?

I am. I want to buy a house in this particular neighborhood. I’m really invested in my neighborhood association, so I’d like to be able to stay here and really continue to invest and see all the projects through. 


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