Selecting a Subaward Budget Form

Guidance for Selecting the Subaward Budget Form

In the Kuali Research S2S section, link to the Funding Opportunity Announcement.

Once you have linked, view the Forms tab. The listing will include a Subaward Budget.

Then, compare the name of the subaward budget with the choices on the SPA Forms page. Select the budget that best matches. For assistance, contact your SPA team. NOTE: IF YOU CANNOT ACCESS THE SUBAWARD BUDGET FILES, please contact your SPA team. Firewalls are preventing some users from downloading the files.

Upload subaward budget — instructions for Kuali Research

In this example, RR_SubawardBudget30_1_4-V1.4 is on the list.

Screenshot illustrating the KR S2S Forms tab

Therefore, in this example, we select Subaward Budget Form 30_1_4 V1.4 from the SPA Forms page. The downloaded PDF file also has a similar name: RR_Budget_1_4_A30-V1.4.pdf

Screenshot illustrating selection of Subaward Budget form from the SPA Forms web page.