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Search windows and searching in Kuali Coeus


back button on a computer keyboardBrowser back button: You cannot use the "back" button/function on your browser to return to a previous tab. You must click on the tab or use another function within the application.

Logging out: Are you using the IE browser? If you are, you will need to manually remove the cookies from your browser before someone else can log into Kuali Coeus using your machine. If you are using Firefox or Chrome, you will need to Quit (close) the browser completely, then reopen it before someone else can use your machine.‌

Internet Explorer 10 (IE10): Do not use this version of IE. There have been many issues, including "missing data." IE9 and IE11 can be used.

Proposal Locks: Anytime you open a proposal in edit mode, a lock is created. But, if you are the only person in the proposal, you are able to make changes in the proposal. If you exit the budget using the blue "Return to Proposal" button, and exit the proposal by choosing “Close” at the bottom of the page, the system clears the lock, and anyone else with access to the proposal can go into it in edit mode and make changes. However, if you get an error message that “kicks you out” of the proposal or makes you exit in a way other than clicking that “Close” button, most times a lock is created that you then have to clear. To clear the lock, select "Kc Pessimistic Lock" from the main menu, then Search and Delete.