What We Do


The Office of Interprofessional Student Learning & Service Initiatives is committed to educating University of Maryland, Baltimore students through opportunities that emphasize community engagement and social responsibility while actively supporting a student’s personal and professional development.

This centralized office coordinates Universitywide activities, programs, and services that foster students' academic, personal, and professional development. The aim of this department is to enhance the quality of student life by celebrating diversity, encouraging service-learning, and supporting leadership development and interdisciplinary engagement.

2017-2018 ISLSI Events

4:00 PM | SMC Campus Center, Elm A More than 38,000 people die from gun violence in the United States each year. Dr. Cassandra Crifasi will share evidence-based policies that can reduce the burden of multiple forms of gun violence.
12:00 PM | SMC Campus Center, Room 203 Basic Principles of Science Writing
12:00 PM | SMC Campus Center, Room 351 Getting Published
4:00 PM | SMC Campus Center, Elm B Dr. Natasha Pratt-Harris will discuss the concept that whether in the hands of civilians (legally or illegally) or carried by police officers/law enforcement, guns can be viewed as hazards.
4:00 PM | SMC Campus Center, Elm B Dr. Jonathan M. Metzl of Vanderbilt University will discuss mass shootings and their relationship to national cultural stereotypes.