The Advisors

This year's President's Fellows are being supported by a core group of individuals who are experts in their area.

Virginia Rowthorn, JD, LLM

Executive Director
Center for Global Education Initiatives

Isabell C. May, PhD

Director, Writing Center | Campus Life Services
Faculty, Science Communication Program | The Graduate School

The support doesn't end with the advisors. The President's Fellows also are supported by the following:

Bonnie Bissonette, Ed.D.
Director, Education Abroad and International Safety and Security
  Lori Edwards, DrPH, MPH, RN, PHCNS-BC
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
  Hiedi Fancher, MPH
Program Manager, UMB Center for Global Education Initiatives

Amy Rameriz, MA
Director, Office of International Services


Hope Wallace
Student Engagement Program Specialist, Campus Life Services