Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

What Does the Safety Pin Mean to You?

Before the safety pin takes on a life of its own, let's try to consider what it means. 

To ISLSI, it is a symbol that our office aims to ensure that the UMB community can learn and work in an affirming and inclusive environment. To us, it does not communicate political affiliation. 

To us, the safety pin symbolizes something very simple that can resonate with everyone: If you need me, I am here for you. I will stand in solidarity with you.

What does the safety pin mean to you?


The Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives provide a unique setting for broad social, cultural, recreational, and educational programming for the UMB community and its surroundings. These cultural-based programs serve as a medium for the interaction and exploration of vital issues concerning the campus community and society as a whole. 

ISLSI works collaboratively with faculty, administrators, staff, students, and other departments to create and maintain a campus culture that values diversity and inclusion. We aim to encourage a diverse learning community with a focus on developing the whole person — intellectually, morally, spiritually, and physically.

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Diversity and Inclusion Defined

Simply put, diversity is all of the ways that we differ. Inclusion is the harnessing of differences in a manner that is beneficial to all involved. Inclusion puts diversity into action by utilizing perspective, richness of ideas, and background to create and maintain an environment of appreciation, respect, connection, and involvement. Diversity and inclusion are needed to make an organization successful.  

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