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Yuping “Ping” Zhong

Yuping “Ping” ZhongIn Yuping “Ping” Zhong’s role as accounting manager in the University of Maryland School of Medicine’s Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology, accuracy is paramount.

That’s why with the implementation of the new University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) Quantum Financials system, she has gone the extra mile to ensure its reliability.

“Ping thoroughly checked every single number against all the grant awards and followed up consistently with Sponsored Projects Accounting & Compliance [SPAC] and the Center for Information Technology Services’ IT Help Desk,” said her supervisor, Judith Edelman, MA, administrator. “She never tired of it and always kept the list of what still had to be done.”

For her dedication, Zhong, MS, has been named the UMB February Employee of the Month. She learned of the honor during a surprise Webex meeting Feb. 12 with University President Bruce E. Jarrell, MD, FACs, who thanked her for her efforts.

In her nomination, Edelman lauded Zhong, saying she “goes above and beyond her position responsibilities.”

Zhong, who has been an employee of the University for five years, works on the department’s financial activities and monthly reports sent to faculty.

As Quantum was being implemented, “because of Ping, we never missed giving out a monthly report to the faculty,” Edelman said. “Other departments, understandably so, could not do it, but because of Ping’s dedication and her tenaciousness to make a list of what was wrong, what had to be fixed, we were able to give out those monthly reports. And I’ll always be grateful to Ping for that.”

Zhong works with the department’s budget for grants and monitors expenses. She also has duties with human resources, payroll, and the shadow — or backup — financial system.

“She was instrumental with helping us set up the import system for Quantum Analytics,” Edelman said. “Ping checked and tested the import for the payroll data from Quantum Analytics to our shadow system. This import saves a tremendous amount of time and eliminates the need for data entry.”

Quantum has been a huge undertaking across the University, and Zhong has helped to locate issues and followed up.

“Everybody is going through a tough time, especially at the beginning of the process, so it’s our job to double-check behind the system,” she said. “Usually I would find an error with the payment schedule system so I would go to SPAC and say, ‘I don't see the payment, what’s going on with the payment?’ And then usually they will find either something they have to develop or something is just an error they have to fix.

“I always like to check everything and then make sure I can trust the system, that I can do my job. So whenever I find an issue, I always follow up with different people to make sure the issue is resolved.”

Zhong says she likes having many different roles in her department, which has about 60 employees.

“I get the chance to learn anything,” she said. “Because I’m working in a smaller department, I get the chance to know the whole picture: how a department is running, from the financial part, the HR part, and the payroll side. And then I can help to link everything together.”

Edelman praised Zhong for her willingness to assist colleagues in the department.

“Ping is always there to help the other employees, especially with Quantum Financials and Analytics,” she said. “We are so grateful to Ping, especially during this time, for always ensuring that the data is accurate.

“The Help Desk has thanked Ping for informing them about updates needed for Quantum Analytics. SPAC has also thanked Ping for all of her follow-up with budgets and financial reports.”

Zhong, who as Employee of the Month will receive a plaque, a letter of commendation, and an extra $250 in her next paycheck, said she is very proud of her job and working for the University.

She called Edelman and Asaf Keller, PhD, interim chair of the department, supportive and considerate. She also thanked SPAC and the Help Desk for addressing issues she has sent to them.

“I really appreciate all these people’s effort to make it happen with the new system,” she said.

 - Jen Badie

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